It's a Keeper
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The Tool Keeper

The IT'S A KEEPER® 2-Gallon Bucket Tool Keeper is designed to fit most standard 2-
gallon buckets. It works great with the IT'S A KEEPER® Ladder Caddie. A very helpful
product for professionals, handypersons and homeowners.

Tool Keeper


  • Organizing and stowing away tools
    and parts
  • Use as a work station on the ITS A
    ® Ladder Caddie 


 *IT'S A KEEPER® Ladder Caddie required for use on a ladder

Tool Keeper


IT'S A KEEPER® Tool Keeper has 27 double-
row outside pockets plus 8 inside pockets for a total
of 35, including a cell phone pocket.


*Tools, bucket, IT'S A KEEPER®Ladder Caddie and ladder not included

*Shown above with the IT'S A KEEPER® Ladder Caddie

  • No more climbing up and down the ladder
  • Puts all of your tools and supplies at your fingertips
  • Designed to fit most standard 2-gallon buckets
  • 35 pockets - including a cell phone pocket
  • Great for professionals, handymen and homeowners



*Shown with the IT'S A KEEPER®
 Ladder Caddie

 *Tools, bucket, IT'S A KEEPER®Ladder Caddie and ladder not included