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GET ORGANIZED - Make Yourself More Productive with….

The Brush/Tool Holder

A handy and time-saving tool that will help keep you organized when working on a
ladder, walking around carrying supplies in a bucket, keeping small tools handily
clipped to a belt, working on the floor, etc.. Our new model includes a recessed
magnet to hold paint brushes.



  • Painting
  • Wallpapering
  • Janitorial
  • Carpentry
  • Electrical
  • Home Maintenance
  • And more....
  • Now includes recessed magnet!
  • Keeps your brushes from drying out
  • Holds a 4-inch mini roller or small hand tools
  • Holds nails, screws, BH-LADDER-SMALLelectrical connectors
    and more
  • Easy to clean for years of trouble-free use

  *Ladder, IT'S A KEEPER® Ladder Caddie,
  bucket and brush not included


 Brush Holder




 Shown above with the IT'S A
® Ladder Caddie


  *Bucket and paint brush not included 

 Brush Holder                                                                                                           


The IT'S A KEEPER® Brush/Tool Holder keeps
your wet brush, screwdriver, or other small tools
handy while you're working.


® Ladder Caddie, ladder, bucket and tools not included

*Shown above with the IT'S A KEEPER® Ladder Caddie

The IT'S A KEEPER® Brush/Tool Holder makes it easy to keep your brushes nearby and clean.
Our Brush/Tool Holder has a unique and handy built-in clip. Clip them on your bucket, belt,
an IT'S A KEEPER® Paint & Utility Tray or an IT'S A KEEPER® Paint Roller Tray safely and
securely - never far from the job. Our new yellow model has a magnet that will hold the
paint brush up off of the bottom so the bristles won't bend.

Brush Holder

*IT'S A KEEPER® Paint & Utility Tray, IT'S A KEEPER® Ladder Caddie and ladder not included

*Shown above with the IT'S A KEEPER® Ladder Caddie and
the IT'S A KEEPER®  Paint & Utility Tray