It's a Keeper
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About Us

The inventor of  IT'S A KEEPER® time-saving tools product line (Marilyn Searcy), created
the name in honor of a dear friend, Sue, who passed away from cancer in 1989. Sue
taught Marilyn's twin boys how to fish. And so the story goes, it is a Keeper of paint, a
Keeper of a bucket, a Keeper of tools, it is truly "A Keeper"! Marilyn is dedicated to giving
back to her church, her community and to the organizations that will one day lead to a
cure for cancer.

The IT'S A KEEPER® Company designs all of its products and tools for daily rugged
construction and household use. These durable, long-lasting products will give years
of solid performance. Searcy Enterprises manages IT'S A KEEPER®.

IT'S A KEEPER® is a registered trademark of Searcy Enterprises / U.S. Patented.

Thank you for your interest in the IT'S A KEEPER® line of time-saving tools.