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Ladder CaddieLC27

No more climbing up and down the ladder while working.
The adjustable IT'S A KEEPER®Ladder Caddie 
attaches easily and securely to the top of standard fiberglass and class II aluminum step ladders to hold a 2-gallon bucket.
The bucket can contain all of your necessary work tools, paint, paint can, cleaning supplies,etc.

Manufactured from durable zinc-plated, cold-rolled
bar, this versatile ladder adapter will make every
ladder job routinely quicker and easier.


   BH red

  Brush/Tool Holder

     The IT'S A KEEPER®Brush/Tool Holder makes it
     easy to keep your paint brushes and tools nearby
     and clean. Includes a recessed magnet to keep
     paint brushes raised from the bottom to prevent
     bristles from bending. Easily clips on a bucket,
     belt or the IT'S A KEEPER®Paint & Utility Tray. 



  Paint/Utility TrayLC3

The IT'S A KEEPER® Paint & Utility Tray system
locks right onto the IT'S A KEEPER® Ladder
 so it can be used any time you're on a
ladder. Great for faux finishing, home decorating,
cleaning - any job on a ladder! Includes one
disposable liner - additional liners also available.

*IT'S A KEEPER®Ladder Caddie required for use on a ladder

*Ladder not included



Tool Keeper


   Tool Keeper

The IT'S A KEEPER® Tool Keeper is a canvas bag
designed to fit on the inside and outside of a 2
gallon bucket. It has 35 pockets (27 double-row
outside pockets and 8 inside pockets) including a
cell phone pocket. Works great with the IT'S A
®Ladder Caddie.


*Tools, bucket, IT'S A KEEPER® Ladder Caddie and ladder not included.

*Shown with the IT'S A KEEPER® Ladder Caddie







The IT'S A KEEPER® Company designs all of its products and tools for daily rugged construction and household use. These durable, long-lasting products will give years of solid performance. Thank you for your interest in the IT'S A KEEPER® line of time-saving tools.